Renee Finkelstein is an amazing sound healer who provides knowledge and a safe container to help women come together to create song and sound that heals. Under her guidance and tutelage I have experienced pure bliss as the voices of the group come together in magnificent harmony and grace. The power of this sacred sound is immeasurable.  It is my honor to be a part of such a healing experience. – Melissa

“I am a person who does not know how to read music, does not understand harmonies, and I often cannot tell if I am singing on key or not. Yet somehow, due to Renee’s unique teaching style and ability to work with a vocal group including people of varying levels of experience and skill, I am able to sing when I am in her class, and it is a wonderful gift. I have even started to see my singing confidence changing outside of the class as my body & mind have started to adjust to a new understanding and ability. Singing in Renee’s group also does wonders for my mental health!” – Clara

Singing in harmony with others is an ecstatic experience– as your voice vibrates with resonance, you can feel viscerally the healing that must be taking place in your body! renee has incredible gifts for teaching music and leading a group to sing as a unified entity, and her class has brought me great joy and confidence as a singer.  furthermore, the songs she brings are filled with beauty and divinity, and i’m honored to be part of a group whose mission is to bring healing to the world.” – Ustya

“Renee is a wonderful and warm teacher who is patient, kind, talented and inspiring. I am loving singing and toning and learning with Renee as part of this welcoming and joyful women’s workshop.” – Nan

“Being able to create harmony in sound is magic for me. I am learning, as you challenge us to do more than I ever dreamed I could do in a short time, to hear the relationships of notes and sound and be able to hear them and sing them. I look forward to bringing these beautiful sounds to myself and our community.” – Joan

“In addition to being a gifted singer, Renee is also amazing at helping others find their true voice.   Her classes are a safe container where students are able to challenge themselves and grow past what they thought they were capable of.  Whether you are a well seasoned singer or just starting to explore the voice as a tool for creative expression, Renee’s classes will guide you towards new vocal horizons.” – Matt

“I wanted to thank you for creating this class. As I told you the first time I met you, I always wanted to learn how to sing but I didn’t like my voice. I was embarrassed to attend a singing lesson without having any experience or a decent voice at least. Your class was perfect for me because not only did I get to learn technical stuff and great tools to practice singing by my own but it also was an amazing opportunity to connect with myself and with the rest of the class. It was very impressive to find out that our voices are instruments and how by using them we could create all these beautiful sounds. Thanks to you I could experience all these and learned to like my voice and with that, learned to like myself a little more.” – Carolina

“Renee, thank you so much for that class. It opened me up. I had been so out of touch with my own voice for a couple years and coming to class was the highlight of my week. I would come some weeks feeling stressed or wound up and leave feeling light and refreshed, open hearted and singing! Your approach is very gentle and welcoming and made me feel safe to try and to sound bad or sound good, to hit the note or not. Please keep teaching class! I will try to take workshops whenever my schedule allows I need singing in my life so much.” – Jamie

“Have you ever had a close relationship with someone where each time you got together with that person it felt different each time? Relationships like that are rare and special and hard to come by. That’s just one of the reasons why I happen to love Renee’s sacred music class/the Gaiatree Sound Project; it feels different each time, in the best of ways. Not only does it feel different, it is different. One morning might be a class devoted to harmonic blending exercises or throat singing; another might be focused on practicing our repertoire – fine-tuning our craft; or on learning how to read music or keep time; still another might involve theory where we talk about Indian philosophy, language, and sacred geometry, and experiment with crystal bowls, the harmonium, and other instruments. I am so grateful for Monday mornings with the beautiful-hearted, sensitive women in Gaiatree Sound Project…we laugh and cry and heal, and sometimes create harmonies that are so mellifluous, we surprise ourselves!” – Alice