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Press Packet

“Radharani’s music is of an exceptional purity and, just like the artist’s pristine voice, it soothes the soul.”

- Yoga Magazine France



On Stage or Chant Circle

Take a journey with Radharani and her band, which includes you! Radharani’s voice has been described as “angelic,” “crystalline,” and “hypnotic.” With meditative presence and soulful yearning, she draws the listener into states peace and inspired emotion. Her accessible, singable music is a blend of ancient mantras, heart-opening ballads, and contemporary sonic scapes. Radharani’s events invite participation and spontaneous harmony, guiding us to connect with our heart’s intention and the collective sound.

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Lullaby Yoga Nidra

Lay down while Radharani guides you in a deep state of waking dream. Simply allow the sound of angelic overtones and gentle lullabies to soften your edges and bring healing to the heart as you remember the eternal peace that holds you.

Opening the Voice

Clear the mind, open the heart, and enjoy lighthearted play with our natural instrument – the voice. We begin with gentle vocalizing on the Indian scales to bring us into meditative stillness and presence. Then we emerge into joy and connection through sound play, toning, and harmony.


All voices are welcome!


Radharani brings an understanding of western vocal technique alongside many years of study of western music theory, Hindustani classical music, devotional chanting, and the ancient tonal practices of Indian Drupad. She has guided hundreds of people in relating to their voices as a source of joy, presence, and connection.

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Reading Reality: An Introduction to Bhakti Yoga

In this intimate circle of learning, we will discuss the concepts of devotional yoga – the path of divine love. We will cover the mystical teachings of Gaudiya Vaishnavism and tantra, from the most basic to the most paradoxical, with the aim of opening our hearts to spirituality and sacred relationship in everyday life.


Topics we may explore include:

  • Understanding the Cosmic Benefactor / Divine psychology

  • The levels of Sacred Intimacy

  • The Great Attainment of Sacred Moods

  • Surrender to the Divine Source

  • Reading Reality


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Radharani is a Priestess of sacred song, a writer and teacher, and a facilitator of ritual space.

Radharani spent a decade on pilgrimage in India, Nepal, and Tibet where she studied the intersection of mysticism, sacred sound, and consciousness. These years of pilgrimage were an initiation into mysticism: a viewing life as a dance of intimacy with the divine. Returning home, Radharani witnessed the deep need for a sense of meaning in the Western world, and her mission has been to bring her deeply rooted connection to the divine through her music, writing, and group facilitation.


Radharani has offered her music at consciousness festivals and yoga studios around the country, such as Shakti Fest, Bhaktistock, and Berkshire Yoga Festival. Her music has reached hundreds of thousands around the world, and her second album topped New Age Billboard charts. For seven years, she was a musical and spiritual leader for a transformative, earth-based, feminist Jewish community, bridging Eastern and Western mystical teachings. Based in the Hudson Valley of New York, she brings people together to share the powerful practice of group singing with her original songs and soulful interpretations of popular music. A natural facilitator of gentle, inclusive spaces, her musical circles invite everyone to be a part of the band.


"If you're a fan of the sweet sounds of Snatam Kaur, you'll fall in love with Radharani."

- Yoga Journal, Australia  


"Radharani's music is of exceptional purity, a mirror of the crystalline voice of the artist."

- Yoga Magazine France


“Divine! A real Enya crossed with Snatam flavour.”

– Shayne Locke, Soul Traveler Radio


“Radharani’s music speaks to a new generation of Yoga-doers, with expertly crafted blend of light and dark emotionality, a haunting voice, and hypnotic chanting.”

– White Swan Records

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