Lessons and Coaching

Radharani is dedicated to helping you move past blocks in order to awaken your creativity, your spiritual groundedness, and your “voice” both figuratively and literally. Her creative approach to personal growth helps clients make clear and centered advancements in career, personal and spiritual life. Her vocal coaching is both a means to developing musicality for professional singing, enjoying music as a spiritual practice, and/or as a means to exploring blocks in self-expression and self-valuation. Clients can focus on one or more area of coaching in a session.

Vocal Coaching
Life/relationship/career Coaching
“Rebirthing” Breathwork
Trance and Pastlife Regression

Awakening the Voice

Radharani’s vocal coaching is for accessing an authentic sound, using both traditional eastern and western models of music learning, and with an emphasis on singing for personal practice, chant- or song-leading, the ability to contribute at a high level in musical collaborations, sound healing, or performance. Sessions with Radharani go far beyond technique to include the physical, emotional, and spiritual process of awakening one’s unique self-expression.

Your voice is a part of your Self, your identity, and your gift.

I believe that everyone can benefit from cultivating their voice. Getting to know this part of yourself, and how to share it with confidence and clarity, is a journey of great significance. With this is mind, I approach singing as a sacred process that asks us to be vulnerable and present. I guide this process with deep nurturance and careful listening to navigate the blockages, awaken musical sensitivity, and access the heart of your sound.

“Renee has become my singing coach. I HIGHLY recommend lessons with her. She has helped me tune my ear, precision-tuning my pitch and she has helped me strengthen my voice… as well as field through the mental, psychological and spiritual blocks. Her teaching is SO SO SO valuable and highly uplifting. She is the best of teachers and a brilliant vocal artist with an angelic voice. I feel so blessed to be able to study her and study with her 

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Harmonium Lessons

In addition to learning your favorite chants and songs, I teach you how to understand and create your own music through embodying music as an intuitive, joyful, and sacred art. We learn the geometry behind music, why and how music “makes sense” and how to navigate the instrument from a mind-heart connection. The harmonium / keyboard offers us an ideal landscape to see the relationships of notes and begin to internalize the musical dimension. In other words, I teach you to “see” and think musically as musicians do.

Most teachers teach you how to play songs. I teach you how to translate what you hear in your mind to the instrument, so you can instantly accompany yourself on any song. I also instruct on writing your own original songs.

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