Transformational Breathwork

I couldn’t believe such a simple breathwork exercise could elevate my soul to such an extent…

Transformational Breathwork is a simple reclining practice of intentional breathing guided by the elevating music of Radharani’s ethereal voice. The practice offers a profound opportunity for resetting oneself into a state of peace and clarity.

Radharani studied Rebirthing Breathwork with its founder. Drawing upon her experience of singing in various ceremonial contexts, she combines the practice with the healing power of sacred chants and mantras.

Breathing practices have been used since ancient times as a way to achieve altered states and meditative clarity. A circular breathing pattern increases the oxygen and energy in the body meridians to an amplified state and allows one to easily release stored up anxiety and painful cellular memories.

Breathwork is a universal technology, known throughout the world for its instant healing effects. It is entirely self-guided, natural, and easy to enter and exit at ones will and comfort.


My experience last night was profound. I felt like I was being held and sung to by the Divine Mother — and the tears flowed.”

The journey you guided us through was transformative to say the least. I went places I did not know I had the strength to go. I felt many chakras open up for the first time…” 

Your voice is so beautiful and it carried me into deep inner spaces.”