Breath Medicine

Breath Medicine is a simple reclining practice of intentional breathing (“breathwork”) guided by a relaxing and elevating sound journey. This simple practice offers a profound opportunity for resetting into a state of deep peace and expansiveness.

Having been deeply inspired by the experience of making music in various ceremonial contexts, I have long sought for a practice that touches on the profundity of those ceremonies but that is universal, and does not require any specific cultural references or interaction with subtle intermediaries.

Breathwork is a universal technology. It is entirely self-guided, easy to enter and exit at ones will and comfort, and is a natural process of accessing peace and clarity.

“The journey you guided us through was transformative to say the least. I went places I did not know I had the strength to go. I felt many chakras open up for the first time. You are a beautiful soul… Thank you once again.”

About Breathwork

Breathwork is a very simple, but very effective, guided breathing practice that assists in relaxation, self-connection and the release of painful cellular memory.

Intentional breathing increases the energy flow in the body to a highly amplified state, allowing us to access opportunities for breakthrough on many levels at once. Our internal “vibration” gets increased, our life force accelerated. We can quickly clear stagnant energy and anxiety.

All over the world, people experiencing breathwork sessions report that a single session brings about deep physical and emotional transformation and a profound sense of completeness. They experience indescribable feelings of serenity, with an awakened sense of hopefulness and joy.

Breathwork sessions with me can involve receiving mantras and affirmative music sung directly to you, to help guide you to your highest thoughts and beliefs.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are a great opportunity to refine the subtleties of your breathwork practice and go to depths not possible in group or self-guided scenarios. For private sessions in the Hudson Valley, NY, contact me.

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