“Radharani’s music is of an exceptional purity and, just like the artist’s pristine voice, it soothes the soul.”

Yoga Magazine, France

“If you’re a fan of the sweet sounds of Snatam Kaur, you’ll fall in love with Radharani.”

Yoga Journal, Australia

Tour Dates

Catch Radharani singing with Sirgun Kaur at Sat Nam Fest, Berkshires, August 8th
Adn Wah! at Omega Ecstatic Chant Labor Day Weekend!
“…the chants are authentic and rich, the lyrics are deeply meaningful for anyone on the spiritual path. Everything about it touched me. I know people are going to be moved and inspired by this music.”

David Newman, musician

“Radharani has gone somewhere beautiful with her music. You will fall in love with her clear voice and beautiful songs.”

Wah!, kirtan artist and teacher

Time to Wake Up – New!

Just One Drop

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