Voice Lessons

Radharani / Renee is a certified vocal coach having trained with Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching, Inc. in NYC. She is prepared to teach singers of all skill levels. She connects to an individual’s style, pace, and voice quality and tailors her lessons to bring each student a swift and joyful development. Drawing upon her years of study in both Western and Indian classical and devotional music, she brings an East-West perspective on ear training, scales, harmony and vocal technique, emphasizing meditative and soulful music.  She brings great insight to the process and is truly invested in her her students’ progress. She loves teaching absolute beginners, even those who believe they are tone deaf, as she believes everyone is musical and she loves nurturing musical discovery. She also works with professional musicians who are lacking in one or other area of technique or theory or needing to find a synthesis of what they have learned. Contact her to start up lessons in person or on Skype.

“Renee has become my singing coach. I HIGHLY recommend lessons with her. She has helped me tune my ear, precision-tuning my pitch and she has helped me strengthen my voice… as well as field through the mental, psychological and spiritual blocks. Her teaching is SO SO SO valuable and highly uplifting. She is the best of teachers and a brilliant vocal artist with an angelic voice. I feel so blessed to be able to study her and study with her  

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Upcoming Events:

Yoga for the Voice

Monday, February 26 • 6:30–8:00 p.m.

This voice-opening and creativity-sparking workshop is for sharing the experience of sound and harmony, spontaneous group creativity, and meditative arrangements of songs and chants. We hold a loving space for each person to find new levels of self-expression through playing with sound and sharing rich, prayerful, and soul-stirring music.

Sound Circle Choir

This voice-opening and creativity-sparking class is for sharing the experience of sound and harmony, experimenting with spontaneous group creation, and enjoying meditative arrangements of chants and songs. Ongoing for many years, this class has been a great joy for many people, bringing a sense of musical continuity through the changes of life and seasons. We share deeply and hold a strongly loving space for each other and the world through the uplifting music we create. We emphasize developing our voices through learning rich, soul-stirring songs. Class is open to men and women of all skill levels. Opporunities to perform happen a few times a year.

The next 6-week session starts end of April 24, 2018. Tuesdays, 7:30 pm, in Rosendale, NY.

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Yoga of Sound and Voice

Discover the beauty and power of your own voice in a safe, nurturing space. This 4-week course will be an introduction to mantra chanting with exercises to awaken a natural sound, flexibility, and confidence in one’s voice. We will learn Sanskrit mantras often used in yoga and meditation practice, as well as participate in the creation of beautiful, meditative harmonies and healing music.

Coming in Spring at The Living Seed Yoga, New Paltz, NY

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