Breath Medicine


Breathwork is a very simple, but very effective guided breathing practice that assists in relaxation, self-connection and the release of painful cellular memory. In my personal experience, I have found breathwork to be more effective and less dogmatic than other breathing and yogic practices that I have learned. I have also found it to be more relaxing and rejuvenating than a massage or acupuncture session. A simple connected breathing rhythm provides for immediate shifts, openings, releases, and access to deep clarity.

Breathwork sessions with me can involve receiving mantras and affirmative music sung directly to you, to help guide you to your highest thoughts and beliefs.

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Breath Medicine Circles

Combining my music with a group breathing session allows people to relax and open to receiving the healing and inspirational elements of the music. My main aim with my music has always been to touch a deep place in the heart. By guiding a simple practice I allow space for people to open prior to receiving the mantras and affirmations that are contained in the music.

I have found that breathwork opens us to states of receptivity and inner guidance that are similar to those accessed in medicine ceremonies and other practices, particularly with regard to depth of healing and the level of transformation that is made available. Having been deeply inspired by an experience of making music in those ceremonies, I have sought for a way to use my music that is as deeply effective and sacred, but which does not require any ritual or dogmatic processes, nor the injestion of medicines, nor the communion with intermediary spirits.

Breathwork is a practice that accesses the essence of so many great practices. While deep and effective, it is also entirely self-guided, easy to enter and exit at ones will and comfort, and is a personal, natural process of accessing oneself.