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““Radharani’s first album is of an exceptional purity and, just like the artist’s pristine voice, it soothes the soul…” 

– Yoga Magazine, France

“All I can say is Oh My God!…” – Shayne Lock, Soul Traveller Radio

“Radharani turns the ’80s tune Higher Love into a soulful, stripped-down supplication, solely relying on her pure, breathy vocals, a piano, and layered harmonies that soar as the song crescendos.” – 10 Pop Music Covers by Yoga Rock Stars– Yoga Journal

“Be prepared to FALL in LOVE because you will when you hear the angelic voice of Radharani.” – Kamaniya Devi (Prema Hara)

“Radharani’s debut kirtan album contains pure, hypnotizing vocals and original sounds… she expertly blends ambient, trip hop and sonic-rock with traditional Indian instrumentation and mantras…” – Yoga Magazine, UK

“Radharani is pushing the boundaries of kirtan forward, where it needs to go with crisp sanskrit and a deep, authentic vibe.” – Frank Wolf (producer, David Newman)

“If you’re a fan of the sweet sounds of Snatam Kaur, you’ll fall in love with Radharani’s debut devotional album, Just one drop.” – Yoga Journal, Australia


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About Radharani

Originally from New York, Radharani spent her 20s traveling the world seeking out spiritual instruction. She spent many years in India learning from saints and sages who had realized the great truths and wonderful potentials of human life. Her journeys brought her deeper and deeper into knowledge of the power of sound vibration and the practices of meditative and devotional music. Radharani brings these years of questing and learning to her sensitive, soulful music, along with a vibrantly original sound, a belief in the healing and awakening power of music, and an authentic call to serve and uplift. Learn More…

Just One Drop

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